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'Dessert Vixen' to show new video during Art Hop on Friday
Kalamazoo Gazette Monday April 30, 2007 By William R. Wood

The "Dessert Vixen" is having an open house.

Kathy Beebe, owner of Caffe Casa, 128 S. Kalamazoo Mall, has made a line of videos in which she bakes while wearing lingerie. She will show her latest video from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday during the Art Hop.

The short film "Chocolate Three Way" will show her mak- ing a white chocolate raspberry parfait, dark chocolate truffles and her Lacy Chocolate Cook- ies which look like small cir- cles of lace. She also will make drinks for the first time-- espresso and European drinking chocolate.

"These are desserts the average viewer would be willing to try," Beebe said. The pink lingerie ensemble she wears in the film may not reveal much, but it's enough to set Beebe's work apart from other instructional cooking shows. It's part of Beebe's vintage lingerie collection, some of which she is able to wear at Cafe Casa now that camisoles have become popular as outer- wear.

During Art Hop, Beebe will show her new film continuously on a large screen in her small shop as guests pop in and sample the appetizers and cocktails being made in the film. Beebe hopes funds raised during the evening will help finance her next short film, which will have a pool theme for summer.

Her other videos include "No Bake Cookies," which has a schoolgirl theme, and "Kathy's Double Cream Cheese Cake," which has a "sweet girl next door theme," she said. The videos can be viewed at www.dessertvixen.com


Coffeehouse owner offers new blend: lingerie and pastries
Kalamazoo Gazette August 21 2006
By William R. Wood

Lingerie and pastries blend in a tantalizing way in a new film project by Kathy Beebe, owner of Caffe Casa, 128 S. Kalamazoo Mall.

Beebe said she has collected vintage lingerie for as long as she can remember. She was wearing camisoles as blouses in her restaurant long before it became a fashion rage. Since she also loves to bake, she decided to combine both of those passions.

She has filmed three cooking classes while wearing lingerie.She has three more filmed classes in the works and is looking for an organization to broadcast them or a production company that might expand on her concept.

Beebe offers the fantasy of cooking in a kitchen while wearing lingerie because it's fun, she said. She doesn't take off any clothes in the videos and doesn't show much skin. She does, however, sprinkle her cooking lessons with lots of sexual innuendo.

The cooking videos show her making Caffe Casa's Chocolate Orgasm Torte, Double Cream Cheesecake and No-Bake Cookies. During the No-Bake Cookies video, Beebe cooks with two other women. They all giggle and pretend to be young teenage girls.

The target audience is "men, 15 to death," Beebe said, chuckling. She's also targeted women over 24 who take care of children all day, empty nesters who might want a new spark in their lives, and gay men and women.

Beebe most recently completed shooting a cooking class in front of a silo on her farm. In that episode she made whipped cream and flavored it with a variety of things, including her husband's homemade maple syrup. She plans to shoot another in Caffe Casa in which she will dress like a scantily clad French maid and show how to make the perfect cappuccino. For more information about the project, call Caffe Casa at 385-1026.

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