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     Since her first job as a teen, Kathy Beebe has worked with food.  Starting with the fast and basic and evolving up to fine dining, she discovered that cooking for people was her passion.  Learning multiple facets of the industry, in every kitchen and cookbook she could find, that passion became a career.   By observing and questioning chefs and home cooks wherever she worked or visited, Kathy has built an encyclopedia of food knowledge.  Her repertoire includes making perfect drinks & fantastic meals but, most importantly, phenomenal desserts; all while entertaining guests.  Recognizing her baking skills early on (as a seven year old), Kathy enjoys focusing on dessert first, and building her menu around it.

     In 1992 Kathy and husband, John, opened Caffe Casa, a coffee and pastry house in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The café serves as a playground for her love of desserts, where she has not only perfected family recipes but also developed many of her own.  The Café also nourishes the community with an impressive lunch menu of homemade soups, quiche, sandwiches and salads along with John's   signature caramel candies.  As equal partners in management and operation, they live a life working together that many only dream of.

     At their private country home, John grows beautiful gardens of vegetables and flowers for Kathy to harvest and prepare.  While drying, canning and freezing the bounty, Kathy  also experiments with excess to create new uses for familiar favorites.  That same creativity and innovation applies to quilting and pottery, her favorite hobbies.  A love of lingerie fashions has inspired a line of sexy aprons from her sewing room.  Kathy entertains with passion, most recently blending all of her artistic talents into one enticing project: The Dessert Vixen. 

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